How to apply to a centre in the 6f Partnership

  • If you are currently in Yr11 at a Westminster secondary school and want to join its 6f form:
    ask your Head of Year how and when to apply, and make sure you also have a back-up option in case you don’t achieve the GCSE grades you need to get in.
  • If you are looking to change schools for 6th form or go to college:
    decide which centre(s) you would like to apply to and then contact them directly to find out how and when to apply.  Check application deadlines –  the closing date for external applications for September 2017 was in January 2017 at some centres.  FE colleges often accept applications right up until enrolment in late August/early September, however students are advised to apply as early as possible as some courses fill up very quickly.
  • If you have finished Yr11 and are applying late:  contact the Partnership Co-ordinator who will advise you on the most appropriate place to apply.  Please note that in most cases schools and colleges WILL NOT be able to enrol any new 6th form students after September/early October because it will be too late to join courses.

Admissions Policy

The 6f Partnership itself does not enrol students. Students have to meet the admissions criteria published by the centre to which they apply and there must be a place available.  Admissions criteria will be given on each centre’s website or 6th form prospectus.

Students who are in Year 11 in a Westminster school can apply through their school for a place in their own school’s 6th form and will normally be awarded a place prior to places becoming available to pupils from outside those centres.

Students who are in Year 11 in a Westminster school can apply for a place at another centre in the Partnership, but no preference is given over pupils from outside the borough.

Students must also meet the entry requirements for particular subjects/courses they wish to take. These may be different at different centres.

Click on list of entry requirements on Courses page for details.

If an applicant is refused admission to one individual centre or knows that s/he cannot meet the entry criteria, the Partnership Co-ordinator can advise him/her about the best alternative centre within the Partnership given the courses the applicant has chosen. The applicant would then apply to that centre.

Appeals against non-admission to a particular centre must be made to that centre, following that centre’s Appeals procedure.  Appeals can not be made to the 6f Partnership.

Admission to a Consortium course

A student in a 6f centre participating in the “Consortium” (currently Pimlico Academy, St Marylebone School and Westminster Kingsway College) can access one other course at another Consortium centre providing the following criteria are met:

  • the student has already enrolled in one Consortium centre
  • the student meets the entry criteria set for the desired course and their Head of 6th Form agrees to them applying for an external course
  • the student applies through his/her Head of 6th Form in good time and the Head of 6th Form applies to the 6f Co-ordinator using established procedures
  • there is space available on that course

Yr12-13 transition:  progression criteria for Consortium courses

Individual institutions’ rules will apply re. the AS grade (or internal assessment grade) required for a host student to progress to study in Yr13 in that subject.  These criteria should be made clear to students at the start of their course.