Together, the 13 centres in the 6f Partnership offer a broad range of courses for post-16 study. These include:

  • A Levels in around 40 different subjects – in school 6th forms or at FE colleges
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) – at Westminster Academy
  • BTEC and other vocational courses – at FE colleges and also in some school 6th forms

Visit centres’ individual websites for more details of the courses they offer to help you decide where you wish to apply.


Consortium courses

Some of our centres offer ‘Consortium’ courses which incease your options for study in Westminster.

How does the Consortium work?

For A Level students, if a subject you wish to take is not available at the centre you are applying to it may be possible to take that subject as a Consortium course at another centre.

You would enrol at your ‘home’ school or college and most of your subjects would be taken there, but – if your application for a Consortium course was successful – you would also enrol at a ‘host’ centre and travel there, usually for 3 lessons per week.  This option can be very useful for students wishing to take a subject that is not offered by their home centre or is full up, or if they have a subject clash.

See Apply page for details of admissions to Consortium courses.

Options blocks

Students usually begin studying 4 AS Levels or full A Levels in Year 12 (each centre will have its own policy about this).   You would normally choose one subject only from an option block (blocks A-E) – this year’s Consortium options blocks are attached here:

6f Consortium Yr12 Option Blocks 2016-17

If your preferred combination of subjects is not available at your home centre you can apply to study one subject at another centre if the grid shows that it is available in a block that you have free.   You must make this application through the Head of 6th Form at your home school when you enrol at the beginning of the Autumn term.

Please note that centres may offer additional courses – not shown on the grid – which are available to their home students but not available to Consortium students from other centres.  You should contact centres directly to see their full 6th form options grid.

Entry requirements for specific subjects

Click on the table below to see entry requirements for A Level courses in general and for specific subjects at different centres. You will need to refer to these when making an application for a Consortium course.

A Level subject entry requirements at 6f centres